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*This post is NOT AN ENDORSEMENT for “You Are A Badass” and “You Are A Badass At Making Money,” by Jen Sincero. I simply love all that she shares in her books and highly recommend that you read it!

Today, I begin a journey into the unknown. Diving into new goals and exploring new territory.

At least that was “the plan!” However I fell into my excuse pile once again and the procrastination queen was in full control.

My great plan was to stick to a schedule I made for the week which included my fitness and work schedule. It would all take into effect as soon as the kids get on the bus… but as soon as I waved goodbye and close the front door, I immediately felt a need for a cup of coffee, which in turn meant that I would not be working out in the morning as scheduled, which meant that I would throw off my entire week plan! Why????

I believe it’s my old habits dragging me down, keeping me fat and broke. This is obviously an excuse.

I should know better! After all, reading “You Are A Badass” and “You Are A Badass At Making Money,” by Jen Sincero,* left me so inspired and ready to take on the world. I simply have to put my big girl panties on and do it! So what’s the problem?… Why am I hesitating on what is to be a very gratifying, successful, healthy and wealthy lifestyle? I am freaking scared, terrified of failure and falling flat on my fat face!

What if I fail as a girl boss?

What if none of my paintings get sold?

What’s worse, what if I never make any money to give my kids the life they so deserve? (insert the 360 degree head spin accompanied by nervous nail-biting and hair pulling)

OK… Now that I officially freaked out and had my tantrum… I can say that maybe things don’t have to ALWAYS go strictly according to plan.

And as Jen Sincero nicely puts it, focus on the end results, not on the HOW (you get there). HOW it all happens will come to you when your frequency is high enough to receive all the numerous ways for you to be successful and live the life you deserve.

So fine then! (I scream to the world) Today didn’t go as planned a schedule, but the days’ not over yet! (finger-pointing to the sky)

I shall complete something on my to do list today which is working on my blog post making my first blog post, which by the way if you haven’t noticed is done! I have higher hopes for tomorrow…

Stay tuned…

Please Know...that instead of starting my diet, I had a brownie this morning and one very sumptuous french bread pepperoni pizza instead and yes! it was all delicious and no! I don’t feel bad.







By Kim, February 6, 2018 Mom Boss, Foodie, Illustrator, Painter & Overachiever. Let's enjoy the journey together! Cheers!


Mom Boss, Foodie, Illustrator, Painter & Overachiever. Let's enjoy the journey together! Cheers!

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